Available directly from the band :

Christicide "Upheaval of the soul" LP. 13 Euros + postage
Christicide "Upheaval of the soul" CD. 10 Euros + postage

"Christicide" LP. 12 Euros + postage
"Christicide" CD, re-release. 10 Euros + postage
"Christicide" Pro tape. 4 Euros + postage

"Live Xenoglossy" Live tape. 4 Euros + postage
"Apex of negativity" Demo tape, second version. 4 Euros + postage

"Upheaval of the soul" shirt. Size M, L & XL available for 16 Euros + postage.
"Black.Death.Satan" shirt. Size M, L & XL available for 14 Euros + potage
"Saturn's Wrath tour" girlie shirt. Sizes L. 12 euros + postage [pic]

Upheaval of the Soul LP/CD, Christicide LP/CD, live tape, t-shirts are available at O.C.S.R.

Upheaval of the Soul CD/LP, Christicide CD/MC, live tape & t-shirts are available at Those Opposed Records.


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